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I believe that some mascots that are "Indian" mascots should change. That is because they are simply very offensive to Native Americans and can be interpreted very racistly. They can be very disrespectful and hurtful to some people. Now some people may say that team mascots that are "Indians" are honoring them. However, I believe that they are doing anything but honoring them. They can be very insulting. For example, according to John Two Hawks, (a writer of the website Native Circle and a Native American himself)

" Mascots and fans dressing up like 'Indians' is insulting and highly offensive, not an honor. Fans performing 'tomahawk chops' at games are insulting and highly offensive, not an honor. Are we seeing a pattern here? Let me put it this way, I don't care what it is you think you want to 'honor' someone with, if they tell you it is not an honor, well then guess what? It's not an honor! Now listen, I realize there are folks who find this hard to understand, and for those people I have a helpful suggestion. If you really want to honor First Nations people, go to where we live. Spend time with our people. Open your heart to who we really are, and what our stories really are. Take time to listen, really listen. Maybe then you will begin to understand the deep, complex reasons why "Indian" team names and mascots are so terribly damaging to our people, especially our children."

Supporting Evidence: Native Circle (
4 points

I believe that the fact you put is completely irrelevant because a poll asking what random people think, doesn't disregard the fact that many people who are native American aren't offended from that. Most people who answered that poll probably did not know that the term redskin is particularly offensive, as it refers to the scalps of Native Americans, which early settlers would sell and trade along with the pelts of animals. According to, only 1.7% of Americans are native American so that leads me to conclude that the majority of people who answered to that poll, have no connection what so ever to being offended by that term.

Supporting Evidence: Census (
2 points

I believe that we should change offensive mascots because some of them are very racist. One huge example is the Washington Redskins. First of all, the Washington Redskins team name Redskins could be taken very offensively. That’s because the term redskin is particularly offensive, as it refers to the scalps of Native Americans, which early European settlers would sell and trade along with the pelts of animals. Their mascot could be taken very offensively because it is a native American. Most likely, the person in the costume is not at all native American and people viewing that person dance dressed up a native could seem like they are mocking someone who is native American.

Supporting Evidence: Native American Mascot Devalues Culture (
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Biographical Information
Name: Daniel Guilette
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: 54915
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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