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RSS 21lreschke

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1 point

Yes, that is correct they will be more mature but they still will not be experienced. Hasse said, "I feel they have a sense of what's right, what's wrong." "I think the only issue is experience there. I think you'll be just as inexperienced driving at age 17,18 or 19."

1 point

I don't agree with this because I think that with their temps and with all of their classes they would know all of the rules. And they would want to follow them because driving more slowly or fastly would possibly lead to crashing which is why I think that they would follow all of the rules because they would not want to get into crashes.

1 point

I think that raising the driving age is unnecessary for this situation. I think this because 18-year-olds will still be just as inexperienced and 16-year-olds are, which wouldn't make the roads any safer.

1 point

Also, Landon White said, that driving teaches responsibility. Having kids realize that they have to be safe and pay attention and think that this is their life that could be in harm. So learning responsibility at an early age will help in later life.

1 point

Also, Landon White said, That an 18-year-old is just as reckless at a 16-year-old. This is because both of these ages are both going to be inexperienced which is what is really comes down to.

1 point

I think that most kids of age 16 and 17 normally would have a job. Then in that way, they could pay off their own speeding ticket and then there parents would not have to pay for it.

1 point

I think that the driving age should stay the same because of fairness for kids. Some kids who can learn quickly and understand how serious they need to take driving shouldn't be held back for kids who don't care. Also if teens have already had experience driving AT Vs or four wheeler's could also be more advanced. According to Santa Fe High School senior Madison Wilkinson.

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