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I agree. To go along with what you said, the mascots can display some type bad image. According to the website Fusion, "In recent years, both Maranatha Baptist University and Susquehanna University have dropped the “Crusaders” nickname after administrators determined that naming their athletic teams after people who murdered thousands of people in the name of Jesus Christ wasn’t a great idea." So, some people have started to understand that a lot of team names have been changed, and people are starting to get the idea.

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The word 'redskin' is actually considered a racial slur against Native Americans. According to Michael Wendling from BBC, "I've been shown a newspaper advert from Minnesota, dating from 1863: 'The state reward for dead Indians has been increased to $200 for every redskin sent to purgatory.'" The word 'redskin' has been used since 1863, and it was used to describe Native Americans that they wanted dead at the time.

Supporting Evidence: What Native Americans Think Of The Word 'Redskin' (
4 points

I think that offensive mascots should be changed because the teams who use the offensive mascots think that they are honorable to the people that they are actually offending. According to John Two-Hawks from the website Native Circle, “There are so many things I can tell you about the sports team names, mascots and imagery that are anything but an 'honor' that it would take up more time than you have to read. So let's just hit the basics - the 'R' word (Redskins, such as the team name) is racist, not an honor. The word 'Braves' is a racial slur, not an honor. Mascots and fans dressing up like 'Indians' is insulting and highly offensive, not an honor.” This shows that even when the people who are using the mascots are just trying to be nice, what they're really doing is possibly using racial slurs as their team name and displaying the type of person in an offensive way.

Supporting Evidence: How 'Indian' Mascots Oppress (
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