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RSS 20hstrenn

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1 point

Although the usage of cellphones in the car has been a hot topic lately, it's not all 16 year-olds that are doing this. Most 16 year-olds are mature enough to not use their cellphones in the car, and it's not completely their fault for the accidents. While being 'newbies' to the driving world, 16 year-olds need to take certain classes to become drivers. They are young and their brains can absorb information easier. I mean, it's been proven that you can learn something easier when you are younger, and the people that 16 year-olds get in accidents with, aren't necessarily other 16 year-olds. They are getting into accidents with older drivers who, although have more experience, have once been responsible 16 year-old drivers, and have not read up on the car safety of today. Their learning experience was much different than the present 16 year-old.

1 point

You may say that 18 year-olds are more responsible than 16 year-olds, but I would have to partially disagree. People may believe that 18 year-olds are more responsible and mature than 16 year-olds because they are older, but I believe that that simply isn't the case. Age doesn't mean anything when it comes to responsibility and maturity. An 18 year-old can be just as immature as any 16 year-old, and a 16 year-old can be just as mature as any 18 year-old.

2 points

It may appear that 18 year-olds are more mature than 16 year-olds because they are older, but that is not the case. Plenty of 18 year-olds can be irresponsible and reckless. For example, a study had shown that most teenagers around the age of 18 start underage drinking. Due to drunk driving, 18 year-olds can get in so many accidents. And because they are older they get claimed to be more mature? Sure the brain of an 18 year-old is more developed, but it doesn't mean that they aren't capable of being immature and reckless.

16 year-olds take driving as a privilege, and they understand that it can easily be taken away. If you take the driving age and raise it, kids are more likely to be reckless because they are 'finally that age'. They wouldn't think of it to be something that could be taken away, and wouldn't understand that they could've used the practice before hand when they were younger. To support this, it has been proven that when you are younger, you learn faster. If we make the kids wait until they are older, it will be harder for them to learn the basics of driving and it will be easier for them to get into accidents if they forget the safety of driving.

4 points

How are kids supposed to use their friends as a ride when the driving age has been risen? Unless kids get a ride from an older sibling will they be able to get those sorts of rides. Parents don't need to be driving their kids around everywhere. Seriously, as a parent, I'm sure they need to do work, run their own errands, pay taxes and bills and such.

Also, using a bike or a skateboard isn't as safe or efficient. Sure, it's good exercise, but it's much easier to get taken by a stranger or hit by other drivers that way. You could be crossing the street and get hit by a passing car, which would not be good. In fact, teenagers usually start underage drinking at the time they are 18! So 16 year-olds could be in danger of the "mature and responsible" 18 year-olds.

4 points

Another reason to why the driving age shouldn't be raised, is because the whole entire affair is just unfair towards everyone. Listen, most 16 year old drivers are mature enough to take on the responsibility of driving. It’s just they get punished because of the naive mistakes of their peers. These students are aware that it is a privilege and a blessing to be able to drive, and take the matter seriously. 16 year olds should be able to drive because most of them know how to drive responsibly, and they shouldn’t have to be pulled down along with all the rest of the irresponsible drivers.

With another reason that it is unfair, is because that the parents will have to drive their kids around more if they don’t start driving at this age. Parents will have to take their kids to their dates, dances, and school activities. These kids won’t be able to get around with efficiency, and their parents will have to pay for it.

3 points

Some people believe that the minimum driving age should be raised to 18, but I believe that is false. You see, some people support the rebutting statement with, that when you're 18 your brain is more developed, although this is true, your brain is still not fully developed. Your brain only finishes developing in your early 20’s. Also, when you’re younger it has been proven that you can learn things quicker and more efficiently. Studies have shown that adults usually start drinking heavily at 18--which is bound to cause more accidents than a 16 year old.

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Name: Hope Strenn
Gender: Dude
Age: 19
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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