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Kids should be able to have jobs to pay off a fee. You are perfectly capable of getting a job at 16 and older. Kids should also be more careful when they drive. No matter how old you are you are still living with your parents and you can still get a job. If you are 18 you don't move out until later, when you are done with school and stuff. No matter if your 16 or 18 you are still capable of paying off your fee, kids can get jobs.

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Changing the driving age is going to make 18-year-old's immature also. They will have 0 experience just like a 16-year-old. Also, kids are not allowed to drink and drive at 16, but at 18 people are allowed to drink. That will cause more accidents and more death. People think it is ok to go and have a drink and then drive home but that can hurt people and kill people. Kids should learn about driving earlier so they will know the consequences and the things that drinking and driving can do. In that case, 16-year-olds are just as mature as 18-year-old's, and there is always a life put on the line, no matter how old you are.

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I agree that they should keep the driving age because you are inexperienced either way. 16-year-old's are just as inexperienced as an 18-year old would be. It doesn't matter how old you are it matters on how many good choices you make. If they were to change the age, You are just putting off maturity. No matter the age, you are inexperienced either way. So changing the drinking age would only make people wait longer for their license.

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